I thought I'd introduce some of you artist to a heavy hitter PRODUCER this time around....

Ask ANY one of the lovely ladies down at Onyx Gentleman's Club here in the A who Al Sween is and I bet you a $TACK they know who you're talking about!!! LOL

I don't know what SUPER producer Alex White is more famous for: His ENDLESS collection of "videos" or his HOT beats! Either way he's FAMOUSSSS!!!

Saying he's a SUPER producer has to be an understatement. His talents as a musician and love of all music allow him to be an extraordinary and exemplary producer and teacher. He's constantly evolving his keen ear for new and different sounds.His musical talents extend to playing the trumpet as well as some guitar.

Al Sween came up doing music in the southern Baptist church, playing the piano as well as directing the youth choir in his home church. His distinctive blends of gospel and secular sounds has earned him spots on MTV's Yo Mamma, Power FX's HoodTronica VSTi plug-in, and several of DJ Benzi's mixtapes.

His latest MAJOR release was the Akon hit "Time is Money" ft. Big Meech & R. City. He has done lots of work with North Carolina artist Young Swift (Guns & Roses). As well as working with Atlanta's own Stuey Rock on the single "Video Phone."

Great guy with a HUGE heart!!! If there are any artist looking for a QUALITY producer to put you in the right direction, hit up Al and tell him the DopeGrl sent you!!!



Find AlSween here:

D. Lyles
8/6/2011 07:38:26 am

Al is MOST DEFINITELY up next!!! Much luv & respect.


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