A lot of small town rappers should take a lesson from Calvert/Hearne, Texas artist Chalie Boy....hard work, talent, and a unique sound definitely make for a great fan base.

One person out to set his own trend is Texarkana artist KB, born Brendan Stovall. KB started rapping at the age of 13. He has drawn his musical inspiration from none less than the best hip hop artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris, Outkast, Lil Wayne & Eminem.
People are always complaining about rappers focusing on the negative aspects of life. KB has created his own style of music focusing on just the opposite. With his high energy beats and sounds, he's sure to set that "Friday night hit the streets" party sound!!!
I posted a video of my favorite song, with well over 1300 downloads, Blissful Ignorance above for y'all to check out. You can check out more of his music here: http://facebook.com/MusicKB or folow him on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/KBeezyBaby.

Dope sound, dope dude......support tha homie doin' his thing.
D.C. based artist K-Dash hands down has to be one of my FAVORITE people on Twitter! And with 46,000+ followers and counting, clearly I'm not the only one!!! I have often said how flooded the market is right now with EVERYONE claiming that they're a rapper. But if half these cats had the work ethic and TALENT that K had, I wouldn't complain as much!
Dare to be different.....Something K-Dash (born Nicholas West) has taken pride in being able to do, and do successfully. There are a lot of artist who knew that music would be a part of their life from a young age. For some, as is with this case, it just took the right person at the right time to discover the talent from within. As a natural-born scholar, it wasn't until his later years that he began to get into rap music. He played around with some hardcore artist like DMX & Jadakiss, then graduated on to some more "conscious" rap artist like Nas, Talib Kweli and, my personal favorite, Mos Def.

In 2005 he signed to ACEO records. He moved to DC and has spent the last couple years perfecting his craft as an artist and an entertainer. He exudes personality on every track he gets on. An exuberant personality and GOOD SENSE is also what draws over 40k people to follow an average guy living out his dreams.

Listen to any of his music and know that he not only means business but that he'll come for ya neck! In ONE conversation he'll tell you how NICCCCE he his! But he never comes across as cocky, just about his business.

I suggest that if you haven't heard of this guy to go check out some of his YouTube videos. Super-talented, smart, and an all around AWESOME guy. His work and talent speaks for itself. You can check out his website also for the latest in all things K-Dash as well as his mixtape links.

Much love and well wishes to K-Dash and his whole team.

So YES I'ma chick with a teeny, tiny thing for kickin' it in the strip clubs!!! But HEY, DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! Who comes to Atlanta and doesn't hit the strip club anyway?!

So what makes the Atlanta Strip Club scene so hot?! Well, we all know there are some of THE HOTTEST ladies in the game right here in tha A. But there's one element that is FAMOUS in the Strip Club..... the music and the DJ's who break records.

You can find one of the hottest dj's in Atlanta at the world famous (yea I said it!)Magic City.
Atlanta native, DJ Buu is one of the premier record breakers in the city. The art of dj'ing is more than just playing a record. A hot record at the wrong time could be ALL bad! Explaining how he connects with the patrons, he says “I put myself in the customer’s shoes. I know what sounds good, and what they want to hear.”

He developed his ear for music through his mother. He used to scratch on all the new records she'd bring home on a weekly basis. Developing his craft before he even knew what he was doing!!! Through word-of-mouth, by the time he was a teen he was doing paid gigs at adult parties.

Buu credits working with novice DJs like Koolaid, Nando, and X-Rated for his elevated skill level. “When I came in, they made me step my game up, step my mixes up, step everything up.” And indeed that's EXACTLY what he's doing by moving towards appealing to a larger market. He's extended himself outside of Magic City with his live internet mixes, iTunes podcasts, and a host of mixtapes he's currently working on. For all my Cali people, you'll also be able to check out DJ Buu in a club near you!!!

DJ Buu is also about to take is exciting lifestyle to television. He was recently enlisted for a reality show called Players Club. “I’m just very entertaining,” Buu laughs. “Every day is an adventure with me.”

I'm proud of Buu and all that he's doing. Another true HUSTLER!!!

So this is what you do....ask for your tax refund in ALL one dollar bills....head down to Magic City on ANY night of the week and act like a BOSS(emphasis on ACT)!! lol


I think the DJ probably see's the most B.S. of the music industry!!! People always EXPECTING you to jus play they record cuz you asked 'em to. (SMH @ THOOOOOSE GUYS) lol....I can def say I respect the ART of dj'ing; the REAL DJ's that is. The DJ sets the mood and keeps the crowds jumpin' night after night.

I can say with 100% confidence that Big Boi is one of the hardest WORKING dj's that I know. I'm talkin' bout someone who definitely puts on for his city!

Panama City, FL born & bred, DJ Big Boi has been doing his thing for the last 6 years. He was one of the youngest DJ's to climb the charts, topping the radio scene with the #2 spot in the city. He attributes his success thus far to his ability to remain humble.

At the age of 24, and in an industry where people expect success to fall in their lap, Big Boi asks no questions when it's time to grind and hustle. His advice to anyone trying to get in to the game is to "make sure it's what you want to do before you get in." And anyone involved in the entertainment industry period can tell you that you need a GO HARD or GO HOME mentality. Well Big Boi definitely ain't goin' home. At this point he's all the way in the game and see's no stop signs ahead of him.

Be on the look out for a series of mixtapes from DJ Big Boi, including a 2011 Spring Break edition featuring a drop from yours truly (YUUUP, I DO DROPS FOR THE LOW-LOW lol)!!!!He rocks with one of the hottest up and coming DJ crew's, PRESIDENTIAL DJ's, as well as affiliations with the GateKeeper's and P.T.E.



I thought I'd introduce some of you artist to a heavy hitter PRODUCER this time around....

Ask ANY one of the lovely ladies down at Onyx Gentleman's Club here in the A who Al Sween is and I bet you a $TACK they know who you're talking about!!! LOL

I don't know what SUPER producer Alex White is more famous for: His ENDLESS collection of "videos" or his HOT beats! Either way he's FAMOUSSSS!!!

Saying he's a SUPER producer has to be an understatement. His talents as a musician and love of all music allow him to be an extraordinary and exemplary producer and teacher. He's constantly evolving his keen ear for new and different sounds.His musical talents extend to playing the trumpet as well as some guitar.

Al Sween came up doing music in the southern Baptist church, playing the piano as well as directing the youth choir in his home church. His distinctive blends of gospel and secular sounds has earned him spots on MTV's Yo Mamma, Power FX's HoodTronica VSTi plug-in, and several of DJ Benzi's mixtapes.

His latest MAJOR release was the Akon hit "Time is Money" ft. Big Meech & R. City. He has done lots of work with North Carolina artist Young Swift (Guns & Roses). As well as working with Atlanta's own Stuey Rock on the single "Video Phone."

Great guy with a HUGE heart!!! If there are any artist looking for a QUALITY producer to put you in the right direction, hit up Al and tell him the DopeGrl sent you!!!



Find AlSween here:

First Lady of Ruff Ryders: EVE
First Lady of Young Money: NICKI MINAJ


Finally got a DOPE female artist to put y'all on to! Kind of nice to have a female artist you don't mind cosigning, expecially in today's market or lack there of. I'd love to support more dope female artist. So first up is my ace Stoney.

Michigan native Kenyatta Hyatt, aka Stoney Ocean is woman of many faces. Stoney got her start writing at a young age. Her diligence to her craft allowed her to progress not only to writing music and poems but movies as well. In 2009 she began perfecting her artistry as well as developing the name Stoney Ocean. She got her name from SoSoDef Mogul Jermaine Dupri's group Ocean's 7. She has been featured of JD's Global14 site as well.

She released her first mixtape Stoney Ocean vs The Princess (<-D/L link) in 2010, featuring my personal adopted anthem "Le Go"!!! And ladies she put it down for her answer to Plies' "Becky" on the appropriately titled track "Bobby." Of course she puts on with tha "get on my level"track "What About Yours." What would ANY mixtape be without a "try me and see what happens track"?! Stoney definitely does not leave any disappointements with "What You Looking At?"

Other than her jus having a SUPER dope personality, her talent is amazing and still growing. You can find her lighting up the stage in various Michigan clubs. Y'all please support a GOOD female artist producing GOOD music!!!!


Find Stoney all over the web:
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/incfan4life
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Stoney-Ocean/158868810813919
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/STONEYOCEAN
Blog: http://stoneyocean.blogspot.com/
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/stoneyocean

Y'all are gettin' ready to see the mini love affair I had goin' on with Twitter as I keep doing these articles! LOL

That being said......Skript' & I stumbled on each other through a mutual follower. I think we were introduced first by our slick mouths more than anything else; always nice to find a dude who can keep up!!! There's so much I could say 'bout this guy as a MAN(wheeew), but that's for another day & blog! Let's stick with the music for now, shall we........It'd be more than enough for me to just tell you to GOOGLE this guy! Has to be one of the most fearless artist I can say I've come across personally.

INTERNATIONAL artist (told you to GOOGLE him!) Skripture aka Lil Savannah is about his business & has no problem letting you know when you start to interfere when money calls! He shot up the rap game with his 10 week installment of NO BEAT IS SAFE. He shows out on some of everyone's track from Chris Brown to Biggie to Snoop. His 2010 mixtape release, "The Edge of Darkness Projects" gives you some of everything for some of everyone. He'll give you the real deal on tracks like "You Don't Wanna See Me" & "Don't Come Round Here".  He's got a little something for the ladies as well with tracks like "Comeback" and my personal favorite "Air Dry"!!! Skripture also placed his own stamp on the "Countin' Cash" remix from last weeks artist ATXYoungTee. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Skripture continues to push the limits of the rap game with his honesty and passion.

It's definitely not a wonder why major & independent labels are checking for this guy. In an industry where people are ruled by their internet PERSONA'S, it's nice to see an artist who can back up what he tweets!!!

I'm excited for Skipt' and all that 2011 has for him and his team over at 4Alarm Music Group, Inc....keep making tracks like "Air Dry" and I'm ALL the way down!!!

You can download The Edge of Darkness Project here. Check out "Made You Look" from the No Beat Is Safe campaign below.

So I’m always up for listening to new artist. I was introduced to this artist randomly on TinyChat of all places!!! Finally I decided to check him out…..Everybody gets a fair chance, so hey why not?!!! I was pleasantly surprised……

Based out of North Carolina, M-Bass, born Michael Elamba, is a SUPER talented Nigerian born artist, producer, engineer, and songwriter. After moving to the US at age 14, his discovery of his love for music led him to teach himself the piano. He eventually was able to build his own studio. His musical influences include Usher, Bobby Valentino, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, and Ryan Leslie.

His latest project, Overnight Scenario, displays his AWESOME talent. He’s combined R&B, pop, & a dance feel to create some pretty hot sounds. Makes you wanna get up and dance in the mirror!!! And don’t act like you don’t do it! Definitely some feel good music with tracks like “Love Machine” & “Blackberry Chick” (which features another NC artist Young Swift on the remix) .  He’ll most def put you in the mood with songs like “Keep It Down”, “Pillow” and the SUPER sexy tack “Ridin’”. The heartfelt words over an Aaliyah (RIP) sample on “Stay With Me” is one of those “REAL TALK” male-female relationship songs…probably my favorite!

Always a pleasure to come across an artist who you don’t mind cosigning! Y’all 100% gotta check this dude out.

You can check out Overnight Scenario on DatPiff, http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_Bobby_Drake_Dj_E_sudd_M-Bass_Overnight_Scenar.m153647.html

Contact info:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/iammbass

Booking Inquiries: mailto:ddsmanagement@gmail.com / coo80sbaby@gmail.com / www.twitter.com/quentindeberry

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