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Shoutout to Bleu Davinci.
Here's the video from his latest interview with'm tired of hearing about it and I know he's tired of talking about it but he touches on the situation with Jeezy along with TI & Rick Ross.
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Everyone and then some have their opinions of the divorce settlement that Mrs. Vanessa Bryant is recieving. Of course 99.9% of us are speculating on whether she got more or less than she deserved, depending on who's side your on.

But how many of us really know what state laws are regarding marriage and divorce?! The purpose of this post is to EDUCATE about what you're saying when you decide to get married or decide to resolve a marriage with DIVORCE. I chose 10 states at random to show how they disperse asset, property AND debt amongst couples who decide to divorce.
Equitable Distributon - means the judge divides up all assets, property AND debt equitably (fair) rather than equally. This is the idea 'you leave with what you came with.'
                Alabama- BUT  any earnings a woman makes during the marriage is considered separate!!! 
                Illinois - BUT any inheritances remain seprate
                Mississippi - BUT if only 1 spouses name is on the property, they keep it even if acquired during the marriage!!!
North Carolina
                Tennesee- they don't care who's name is on it!!!

Community Property -
means the judge divides up everything equally
                California - BUT anything aquired before the marriage remains seperate
                 Texas - not only are they dividing up real property but your retirement plan, pensions, stock options, insurance
The 10 year mark is so significant in a marriage!!! Above and beyond the above listed info, did you know:
                    You can be eligible to collect a derivative (1/2) of your ex-spouses Social Security benefits, if                           if the ex-spouse dies you get 100%....... #OkThen
                     If you are married 10yrs to an active duty service person you get 1/2 their retirement

My intent is absolutely NOT to discourage people from getting married
I am 100% looking forward to being married SOMEDAY. But people get married just as quick as they get divorced these days. People need to understand the implications of the relationship decisions they make. If the FACTS worry you then maybe you should think a little longer about jumping the broom.

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In case you missed the airing of Jeezy's documentary, Hustler's Ambition...catch it right here on the Dope Spot. Fell free to leave comments & tell us what you think!



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                        "Wealth is the ability to fully experience LIFE" ~ Henry David Thoreau

For Boston native, Mirko, his life thus far has provided him with much wealth. As a teen starting out in the music game, he was very influnced by the street life that surrounded him.
In the early stages of his career, Mirko was a part of several rap grops including Illicit and Russian Roulette. His willingness to develop his talent allowed for him to draw more influence from other musical genres. Mirko incorporates the sounds of jazz, country, contemporary as well as gospel into his music. His talent has also allowed him to venture outside of Boston and perform on the international circuit. He has done performances in countries such as Holland and Johannesburg South Africa.

Mirko's latest project Righteous Hyprocrite seeks to expande the mind of its listeners through everyday life experiences and the choices we make for ourselves. Timeless tracks like "Life" definitely put Mirko in a position to have longevity in the game.
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By DIONISIO SOLDEVILA - Associated Press | AP – 17 hrs ago

Winston Llenas, president of the Cibao Eagles, a winter league team in the northern Dominican Republic for whom Ramirez played in 1993-94, told The Associated Press during a Tuesday phone interview that Ramirez is expected to start training with his former team next week.

Llenas said the 39-year-old Ramirez told team officials he wants to "play before the Dominican fans and to perhaps motivate other Major League stars to also play in the country."

Ramirez retired in April after he tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance while with the Tampa Bay Rays. Rather than face a 100-game suspension for a second violation of Major League Baseball's drug policy, the 12-time All-Star left the game.

Ramirez previously served a 50-game ban in 2009 with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

His first positive test — for human chorionic gonadotropin, a banned female fertility drug often used to help mask steroid use — would not prevent him from playing in the Dominican Republic.

Ramirez last played in the Dominican winter league during that 1993-94 season with the Eagles.

He also is facing criminal prosecution in Florida on charges that he slapped his wife during a recent argument. He told investigators only that he grabbed his wife by the shoulders during an argument and "shrugged" her, causing her to hit her head on the headboard of their bed.

Ramirez was named MVP of the World Series in 2004 and helped the Boston Red Sox end an 86-year title drought.

The Goldsboro, NC based group Infinite Pleasure is comprised of Fantastic, MixedBreed, and Keem Da Dream. I.P has capitalized on the surge of social networking and internet media outlets to generate some of their popularity. As the winners of the first annual "About to Shine" Showcase, these guys have had the opportunity to work with other talented artists such as Dick Hodgins(Osceola Records) , RBS, Kountree, Whitehouse, and D.O.X.
The groups latest mixtape release "V.I.P" is hosted by DJ E-Dubb is def something you need in your library! With a mix of hip-hop and r&b they've got a very nice blend. One of my personal favorite tracks on the mixtape is "Ms. Tonight." As the name implies it's one of those one-night-only tracks!!! Their remake of Miguel's "Quickie" is dope too. The mixtape has plenty of tracks that could undoubtedly be heard on the radio.

Much love to these guys; special shoutout to Fantastic for rockin' with the DopeGirl as well ;-)

Go download the mixtape and keep checkin' for these guys,

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So this past Saturday adult model and host of the "ILLEST SEX TALK SHOW" Choc Mami had last weeks feature D. Lyles on her show! A few weeks ago she did a prank call to him on her Chocolate Fantasy Prank call to him. He was such a good sport she decided to brinkg him back to talk about music, women and SEX! Listen to the show here:
Listen to internet radio with chocmami on Blog Talk Radio
Ok, it's been quite a while since I've done a feature. As my introduction back to makin' it happen I wanted to introduce everyone to my new friend! If you follow me on Twitter then you've seen me mention this guy over the past couple of weeks.....
I was introduced to this Producer/Engineer through a mutual friend. Over the last few weeks, through enough conversation we've been able to get to know each other a little. To say the least, what an AWESOME & TALENTED guy.

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, music has been apart of D. Lyles' life for a very long time. He started out as an artist. After recording with Chris Smith, he was introduced to the engineering side and fell in love. Ten years later, D. Lyles is the owner of Heat Factory Studios also based in Memphis. As a seasoned engineer, he prides himself with keeping up with the latest and greatest technology that enables him to create great music.
 In his quest to develop that distinct and unique sound, he employs his own production team as well as uses a live band to create much of his work. The uniqueness of the music coming out of the Heat Factory allows D. Lyles to create music of all genres from Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel & Rock. Whatever sound an artist is looking for he can create it! His studio was built on working with and developing local talent.

His current ventures include expanding his presence in and around Memphis. He is always open to working with new talent. With services including production, mixing, mastering, track licensing & digital distribution, I'm more than sure he can accomodate the needs of any artist. 

I'm most definitely glad to be a part of Team D.Lyles and helping him expand the D.Lyles/Heat Factory brand. Be sure to check him out on the web....WE WORKING!!!