Everyone and then some have their opinions of the divorce settlement that Mrs. Vanessa Bryant is recieving. Of course 99.9% of us are speculating on whether she got more or less than she deserved, depending on who's side your on.

But how many of us really know what state laws are regarding marriage and divorce?! The purpose of this post is to EDUCATE about what you're saying when you decide to get married or decide to resolve a marriage with DIVORCE. I chose 10 states at random to show how they disperse asset, property AND debt amongst couples who decide to divorce.
Equitable Distributon - means the judge divides up all assets, property AND debt equitably (fair) rather than equally. This is the idea 'you leave with what you came with.'
                Alabama- BUT  any earnings a woman makes during the marriage is considered separate!!! 
                Illinois - BUT any inheritances remain seprate
                Mississippi - BUT if only 1 spouses name is on the property, they keep it even if acquired during the marriage!!!
North Carolina
                Tennesee- they don't care who's name is on it!!!

Community Property -
means the judge divides up everything equally
                California - BUT anything aquired before the marriage remains seperate
                 Texas - not only are they dividing up real property but your retirement plan, pensions, stock options, insurance
The 10 year mark is so significant in a marriage!!! Above and beyond the above listed info, did you know:
                    You can be eligible to collect a derivative (1/2) of your ex-spouses Social Security benefits, if                           if the ex-spouse dies you get 100%....... #OkThen
                     If you are married 10yrs to an active duty service person you get 1/2 their retirement

My intent is absolutely NOT to discourage people from getting married
I am 100% looking forward to being married SOMEDAY. But people get married just as quick as they get divorced these days. People need to understand the implications of the relationship decisions they make. If the FACTS worry you then maybe you should think a little longer about jumping the broom.

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