Told y'all Texas stays on my radar.......

"In the end I'm gon' get mine because I'ma do what I gotta do..."~Yung Zavey

If you look at the numbers, a good portion of hip-hop music is supported by those of a "lighter persuasion"! So I'd say it's probably a good idea to have in your plan as an artist to be able to make music for the masses rather than a select few. If you think about any of the major hip-hop artist, mass appeal is definitely a part of their success.

Well add that to Yung Zavey's plan too!
Houston, TX bred artist Zavey is most definitely puttin' on for his city. His latest mixtape Thinking Out Loud should be in everyone's rotation right now. It's a super DOPE mixtape hosted by DJ Fletch & the LEGENDARY production team Stunt n Dozier.

Funny how he says he got started.......reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books as a kid! (Side note: Some of y'all need to do this as adults!!!) I can't say that listening to him reminds me of anyone, he's got a very original sound. His freestyle to Wayne's "6 Foot 7 Foot" is fo sho a winner!
His approach to his craft is unique as well. I think a lot of artist think short term......get money NOW. Zavey has a different approach in that he's goin' for longevity, all expressed on the track "Everybody Raps." When you LOVE what you do there's no such thing as retirement. As Zavey would say, "You only temporary like a passion mark."

I like his style 'cause: 1. He's laid back wit his delivery & 2. I can understand what he sayin'...not so true for some MAJOR artist out right now. He's absolutely making good music and developing his own lane, not only in the Houston market but in the music game period.

I can say that this dude has to be in my top 3 artist I put on here yet!(Don't nobody ask me who the other 2 are please, LOL).

Check out and D/L Thinking Out Loud here. Be on the lookout for "Herbs, Nouns, & Verbs" slated for release on 4/20. You can check out some of his stuff on YouTube as well.

Anthony: 832-584-9703 /
So YES I'ma chick with a teeny, tiny thing for kickin' it in the strip clubs!!! But HEY, DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! Who comes to Atlanta and doesn't hit the strip club anyway?!

So what makes the Atlanta Strip Club scene so hot?! Well, we all know there are some of THE HOTTEST ladies in the game right here in tha A. But there's one element that is FAMOUS in the Strip Club..... the music and the DJ's who break records.

You can find one of the hottest dj's in Atlanta at the world famous (yea I said it!)Magic City.
Atlanta native, DJ Buu is one of the premier record breakers in the city. The art of dj'ing is more than just playing a record. A hot record at the wrong time could be ALL bad! Explaining how he connects with the patrons, he says “I put myself in the customer’s shoes. I know what sounds good, and what they want to hear.”

He developed his ear for music through his mother. He used to scratch on all the new records she'd bring home on a weekly basis. Developing his craft before he even knew what he was doing!!! Through word-of-mouth, by the time he was a teen he was doing paid gigs at adult parties.

Buu credits working with novice DJs like Koolaid, Nando, and X-Rated for his elevated skill level. “When I came in, they made me step my game up, step my mixes up, step everything up.” And indeed that's EXACTLY what he's doing by moving towards appealing to a larger market. He's extended himself outside of Magic City with his live internet mixes, iTunes podcasts, and a host of mixtapes he's currently working on. For all my Cali people, you'll also be able to check out DJ Buu in a club near you!!!

DJ Buu is also about to take is exciting lifestyle to television. He was recently enlisted for a reality show called Players Club. “I’m just very entertaining,” Buu laughs. “Every day is an adventure with me.”

I'm proud of Buu and all that he's doing. Another true HUSTLER!!!

So this is what you do....ask for your tax refund in ALL one dollar bills....head down to Magic City on ANY night of the week and act like a BOSS(emphasis on ACT)!! lol


So I’m always up for listening to new artist. I was introduced to this artist randomly on TinyChat of all places!!! Finally I decided to check him out…..Everybody gets a fair chance, so hey why not?!!! I was pleasantly surprised……

Based out of North Carolina, M-Bass, born Michael Elamba, is a SUPER talented Nigerian born artist, producer, engineer, and songwriter. After moving to the US at age 14, his discovery of his love for music led him to teach himself the piano. He eventually was able to build his own studio. His musical influences include Usher, Bobby Valentino, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, and Ryan Leslie.

His latest project, Overnight Scenario, displays his AWESOME talent. He’s combined R&B, pop, & a dance feel to create some pretty hot sounds. Makes you wanna get up and dance in the mirror!!! And don’t act like you don’t do it! Definitely some feel good music with tracks like “Love Machine” & “Blackberry Chick” (which features another NC artist Young Swift on the remix) .  He’ll most def put you in the mood with songs like “Keep It Down”, “Pillow” and the SUPER sexy tack “Ridin’”. The heartfelt words over an Aaliyah (RIP) sample on “Stay With Me” is one of those “REAL TALK” male-female relationship songs…probably my favorite!

Always a pleasure to come across an artist who you don’t mind cosigning! Y’all 100% gotta check this dude out.

You can check out Overnight Scenario on DatPiff,

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