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                        "Wealth is the ability to fully experience LIFE" ~ Henry David Thoreau

For Boston native, Mirko, his life thus far has provided him with much wealth. As a teen starting out in the music game, he was very influnced by the street life that surrounded him.
In the early stages of his career, Mirko was a part of several rap grops including Illicit and Russian Roulette. His willingness to develop his talent allowed for him to draw more influence from other musical genres. Mirko incorporates the sounds of jazz, country, contemporary as well as gospel into his music. His talent has also allowed him to venture outside of Boston and perform on the international circuit. He has done performances in countries such as Holland and Johannesburg South Africa.

Mirko's latest project Righteous Hyprocrite seeks to expande the mind of its listeners through everyday life experiences and the choices we make for ourselves. Timeless tracks like "Life" definitely put Mirko in a position to have longevity in the game.