Told y'all Texas stays on my radar.......

"In the end I'm gon' get mine because I'ma do what I gotta do..."~Yung Zavey

If you look at the numbers, a good portion of hip-hop music is supported by those of a "lighter persuasion"! So I'd say it's probably a good idea to have in your plan as an artist to be able to make music for the masses rather than a select few. If you think about any of the major hip-hop artist, mass appeal is definitely a part of their success.

Well add that to Yung Zavey's plan too!
Houston, TX bred artist Zavey is most definitely puttin' on for his city. His latest mixtape Thinking Out Loud should be in everyone's rotation right now. It's a super DOPE mixtape hosted by DJ Fletch & the LEGENDARY production team Stunt n Dozier.

Funny how he says he got started.......reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books as a kid! (Side note: Some of y'all need to do this as adults!!!) I can't say that listening to him reminds me of anyone, he's got a very original sound. His freestyle to Wayne's "6 Foot 7 Foot" is fo sho a winner!
His approach to his craft is unique as well. I think a lot of artist think short term......get money NOW. Zavey has a different approach in that he's goin' for longevity, all expressed on the track "Everybody Raps." When you LOVE what you do there's no such thing as retirement. As Zavey would say, "You only temporary like a passion mark."

I like his style 'cause: 1. He's laid back wit his delivery & 2. I can understand what he sayin'...not so true for some MAJOR artist out right now. He's absolutely making good music and developing his own lane, not only in the Houston market but in the music game period.

I can say that this dude has to be in my top 3 artist I put on here yet!(Don't nobody ask me who the other 2 are please, LOL).

Check out and D/L Thinking Out Loud here. Be on the lookout for "Herbs, Nouns, & Verbs" slated for release on 4/20. You can check out some of his stuff on YouTube as well.

Anthony: 832-584-9703 /