D.C. based artist K-Dash hands down has to be one of my FAVORITE people on Twitter! And with 46,000+ followers and counting, clearly I'm not the only one!!! I have often said how flooded the market is right now with EVERYONE claiming that they're a rapper. But if half these cats had the work ethic and TALENT that K had, I wouldn't complain as much!
Dare to be different.....Something K-Dash (born Nicholas West) has taken pride in being able to do, and do successfully. There are a lot of artist who knew that music would be a part of their life from a young age. For some, as is with this case, it just took the right person at the right time to discover the talent from within. As a natural-born scholar, it wasn't until his later years that he began to get into rap music. He played around with some hardcore artist like DMX & Jadakiss, then graduated on to some more "conscious" rap artist like Nas, Talib Kweli and, my personal favorite, Mos Def.

In 2005 he signed to ACEO records. He moved to DC and has spent the last couple years perfecting his craft as an artist and an entertainer. He exudes personality on every track he gets on. An exuberant personality and GOOD SENSE is also what draws over 40k people to follow an average guy living out his dreams.

Listen to any of his music and know that he not only means business but that he'll come for ya neck! In ONE conversation he'll tell you how NICCCCE he his! But he never comes across as cocky, just about his business.

I suggest that if you haven't heard of this guy to go check out some of his YouTube videos. Super-talented, smart, and an all around AWESOME guy. His work and talent speaks for itself. You can check out his website also for the latest in all things K-Dash as well as his mixtape links.

Much love and well wishes to K-Dash and his whole team.


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