I sit here on the weekends going through emails, trying to decide who I'm going to do my next peice on, what am I going to say about the artist...blah, blah, blah.....

So today I said 'Lemme check out this chick. She's seems pretty kew so I hope she don't absolutely suck'......AND OMG does she not suck!!!!

I start listening to this track called "Brand New" by Troy, Alabama native Raspy Rapsody, and I'm like this track is hella dope....then she starts singing!!! LOL I'm like ohhh naw this chick is hella hella dope. 
You can definitely hear some of her musical influneces like Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu in her music. Her style is confident but not overbearing. I LOVE the tone of her voice as well. A lot of artist have hot sounds but they get on tracks that don't fit them.

Raspy got her start in the church where her mother was a pastor. She didn't start behind a mic but rather learning instruments and the behind the scenes dynamics of the music industry. Rapping, singing, writing, producing or engineering.... she does it!!!

Thus far in her career she's been blessed to share the stage with some awesome artists like Cody Chesnutt (LOOOOOVE HIM), Soccorro, Tallahassee Soul Project and Royce Lovett. She describes her own sound as HIP-HOP SOUL FUSION.  "Hip-Hop is suppose to make you think and feel emotions, whether their good or bad," Raspy says.
Whatever it is she's doing I LOVE IT! "Hipster" is one of my favorite tracks and definitely a new add to tha iPod. Her versatility will definitely prove to be a plus for her. As well as her willingness to keep learning.

God bless you sistah, keep doing your thing, wish you ALL the best!!!

Please chek her out on YouTube or ReverbNation!!!

(850) 519-7899

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