Y'all are gettin' ready to see the mini love affair I had goin' on with Twitter as I keep doing these articles! LOL

That being said......Skript' & I stumbled on each other through a mutual follower. I think we were introduced first by our slick mouths more than anything else; always nice to find a dude who can keep up!!! There's so much I could say 'bout this guy as a MAN(wheeew), but that's for another day & blog! Let's stick with the music for now, shall we........It'd be more than enough for me to just tell you to GOOGLE this guy! Has to be one of the most fearless artist I can say I've come across personally.

INTERNATIONAL artist (told you to GOOGLE him!) Skripture aka Lil Savannah is about his business & has no problem letting you know when you start to interfere when money calls! He shot up the rap game with his 10 week installment of NO BEAT IS SAFE. He shows out on some of everyone's track from Chris Brown to Biggie to Snoop. His 2010 mixtape release, "The Edge of Darkness Projects" gives you some of everything for some of everyone. He'll give you the real deal on tracks like "You Don't Wanna See Me" & "Don't Come Round Here".  He's got a little something for the ladies as well with tracks like "Comeback" and my personal favorite "Air Dry"!!! Skripture also placed his own stamp on the "Countin' Cash" remix from last weeks artist ATXYoungTee. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Skripture continues to push the limits of the rap game with his honesty and passion.

It's definitely not a wonder why major & independent labels are checking for this guy. In an industry where people are ruled by their internet PERSONA'S, it's nice to see an artist who can back up what he tweets!!!

I'm excited for Skipt' and all that 2011 has for him and his team over at 4Alarm Music Group, Inc....keep making tracks like "Air Dry" and I'm ALL the way down!!!

You can download The Edge of Darkness Project here. Check out "Made You Look" from the No Beat Is Safe campaign below.

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