I have to admit that of all the music I listen to, I don't really keep up with the Tri-State music scene.

Harlem native Wise Vega, born Davon Brown, fell in love with hip-hop at the age of thirteen. He wrote his first song after listening to Tupac's "America's Most Wanted."
With his father incarcerated much of his childhood, he used his home life as a a muse for his music. He see's his rap style as having a "split personality." He comes with the conscious, real-life raps as well as showcasing the flashy, cocky side of Vega!

He's got an upbeat track to keep tha hood inspired called "I'm Grinding." And "Long Time Ago" SLAPS along with tha video which you can check out below. The hook on this song is hella dope.
And I just got this "Amber Rose" record tonight...all I can say is a MUST LISTEN!!!

Definitely keep checking for more Wise Vega;dude KILLS. The music he's putting out is definitely hot. And his SWAG is on a trillion. Check out some of his other YouTube videos & you'll understand.

Shoutout to NY, Jersey, PA......we rockin wit this one!


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