This piece is less about an artists music and more about what music can do to change a persons life.

As I sat down to go through dudes bio, I was a taken aback by his story a little more than the music....
Alain "Rico" Moise, Jr. was raised in Rhode Island. At the age of 7, his father was gunned down outside of the night club where he worked. His mother later went on to re-marry a US service man which called for Rico and his family to move around the country a number times during his early to mid teens.

In his senior year of high school Rico returned to live in Rhode Island, where he met Kalvin Duarte. Kalvin turned out to be the driving force behind Rico getting into music period. He introduced Rico to the Juelz Santana Back Like Cooked Crack mixtape. His mind was turned on to a lifestyle different and more intriguing than that of what he was used to.

Fast living got Rico locked up, missing his 21st & 22nd birthdays. Just before being locked up, he suffered another loss with the passing of his friend Kalvin. In the fall of 2009, Yung Rico's son Kalvin Alain Moise was born. The birth of his son proved to be the turning point for Rico. He decided to throw himself into his music in hopes thatog making things happen for himself and his son. And I'd say thus far he's doing a VERY good job.

So now I'll get to tha music....Dudes tracks are hella dope!!! Check out his freestyle track "I'm Gone." His latest single "Can't Stope Me" is slated for official release on the Back at it Like a Track Addict mixtape. I know dudes been working 'cause he's got hella mixtapes set for distribution: Wats Ur Motivation hosted by DJ MixmasterG730 out in Germany, Winta Grind, Summa Shine hosted by DJ New Era in Alabama, & I Refuse 2 Lose hosted by by Nappy Boy DJ Slick In Miami...all put out by his OWN company Dinstinguished Men Ent Group South.

Besides being HELLA funny, he's a GRADE A HUSTLER in every sense of the phrase. I 'preciate his energy and positivity and wish him all the best in things to come.


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