The last few weeks I been rocking with some pretty DOPE east coast artist. So why not end the month on the same note!
Brooklyn born artist City started writing at the age of 9. As he got older he started taking his words the studio. Life dealt him a hand that landed him in prison. His release from prison initially didn't prove to be beneficial to his music either. It took him a while to get back to it, until he had enough of feeling like the hip hop scene was missing something.

Today, City is alive and well, writing and recording. His much awaited release "In the Belly of the Beast" just dropped over the weekend.
I've had a little time to check it out. I can get wit this one. I already got my favorite tracks: "On One," "Incredible Love" & "Red Roses". This is one of them mixtapes you throw on, ride around the city and vibe to!

You check out and download the entire mixtape here: In the Belly of the Beast

Also, shoutout to City's management team ImPrecious Entertainment!!!!


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