A lot of small town rappers should take a lesson from Calvert/Hearne, Texas artist Chalie Boy....hard work, talent, and a unique sound definitely make for a great fan base.

One person out to set his own trend is Texarkana artist KB, born Brendan Stovall. KB started rapping at the age of 13. He has drawn his musical inspiration from none less than the best hip hop artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris, Outkast, Lil Wayne & Eminem.
People are always complaining about rappers focusing on the negative aspects of life. KB has created his own style of music focusing on just the opposite. With his high energy beats and sounds, he's sure to set that "Friday night hit the streets" party sound!!!
I posted a video of my favorite song, with well over 1300 downloads, Blissful Ignorance above for y'all to check out. You can check out more of his music here: http://facebook.com/MusicKB or folow him on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/KBeezyBaby.

Dope sound, dope dude......support tha homie doin' his thing.

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