I'd be doing such a dis-service to anyone who ever reads my blog if I didn't attempt to feed your soul. This is that attempt....

Everyone knows someone who's going through something, and that is TOO prevalent in today's day & time. We are all looking for something or someone  to help us make it through the day....even sometimes just the hours.

I'm definitely not gonna preach to y'all because I am far from a saint! But I will say try GOD!

This week I bring to y'all Gospel sensation Stanley Johnson. Dudes voice is SICK! Soon as I started listening to "Hiding Place" I said 'Smokey Norful?!' He brings that conviction and passion into his music to make anyone a believer.
Lansing, MI native Stanley Johnson began singing in church at a young age. He took his music global performing under the direction of Dr. Mal Williams. He draws his musical influences from artists like Stevie Wonder and four-time Grammy winning Worship Leader Israel Houghton.

The first single off his debut album Beyond Me, "Hiding Place" provides the mood music for ones quiet time. It's that song that takes you to that place within yourself to allow you to be still and be in total commune with what God. Over the last 6 months, I can say with conviction that I've been in that place NUMEROUS times.
"In a world of confusion, through a time a uncertainty, it is hard for one to grasp the idea of selflessness; But to be live Christ is to live beyond self." ~Stanley Johnson

Nothing less than the TRUTH!

2/14/2018 02:57:35 am

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